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Finding the perfect charming hotel in the world should be so easy. It’s not as if we’re asking for the earth: we want somewhere small, friendly (probably family-run) and reasonably priced, with double helpings of charm and character. Not such a tall order, is it?.

Some are trendy, others traditional; some by the sea, others tucked away in obscure corners of countryside; some verging on posh, others as cheap as chips. But all feel like that most precious travel rarity — a real discovery.

Although a small and young we could perhaps genuinely claim to be the world leader in online marketing and have the most technically advanced hotel reservation system in the Charming travel industry. In our community you can get real information, advice, and opinions from passionate travellers and locals.

Charming Destination .com is a place you can go for insights and tips, a place that is literally alive with experiences and opinions. It’s a place that feels like a local neighborhood plaza, terrace, a café, a pub. A friendly and relaxed community filled with unscripted and enthusiastic conversations between travelers like you.

We are currently in beta release, which means we are still busy building content and generally improving things, but we are effectively open for business. So take a look around, get inspired and choose your next trip or share your own authentic finds.